About Clearcreek Farm


I have had German Shepherds most of my life.  I got my first German Shepherd as a teenager in 1982….a white female named Megan.  I was attracted to the breed because of their looks, loyalty and trainability.  I began breeding in 1998.  I breed German showline dogs.  Several dogs that I have bred have went on to achieve their schutzhund titles and done excellent in the show ring.   My goal in breeding is to produce a healthy, structurally sound animal with excellent temperament and trainabilty. 

I have trained many kinds of animals over the years….dogs, horses, birds.  Before my parents let me get my first German Shepherd, I trained all my neighbors dogs because my family only had one very old dog.  I would train them in obedience and would show them in 4H back then.  As an adult, I worked at a kennel and taught all breed pet obedience for several years.  In 1996 I discovered the sport schutzhund  and joined The United Schutzhund Club of America and have been a member ever since.  I love training dogs; I have an unquenchable desire for learning all I can about dog training and have been very fortunate to have trained with or attended seminars with some of the best trainers in the world such as:


-Helmut Raiser

-Roland Seibel

-Sharon Ronan

-Jogi Zank

-Bart Bellon

-Ivan Balababov

-T Floyd

-Dean Calderon