Southwest OHIO Schutzhund Club


We are United Schutzhund clubs of America Club

We train Saturday' and Sunday's at Noon

Visitors Welcome!  Please call first 513-833-4408

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Our training field is located at 4150 State Route 123, Franklin, Ohio and is north of Cincinnati and south of Dayton Ohio


Upcoming Events For 2016




October 21-23, 2016   JUDGE:  UScA William Szentmiklosi





President/Training Director/Certified Helper--Tammy Molner

Vice President/Training Coordinator/Certified Helper--Tim Leonard

Secretary/Treasure--Erica Rowcliffe

Director at Large--Mark Zimmer


Member/Certified Helper--Terri Short

Member--Mike Cook "Scruffy"

Member--Kath Cook

Member/Certified Helper--Michael Stackhouse "Stack"

Member/Certified Helper--Tony McFee

Member--Sharon Jordan

Member--Lynn Fratello

Member--Kayley Molner






Tammy and Nemo IPO 3            Tammy and Bayana IPO 3




Tim and Bruce  IPO 2           Tim and Tweak IPO 1



Erica and Aero IPO 1


John and Zeus BH


Mike and Clay BH






Stack doing helper work with Bubbles


Tony and Loki BH